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European Translation Agency

  Thanks to  a completely internet-based structure, our service costs are reduced to a minimum.  


We process each order individually, and  we prepare an individual offer for every customer. We consider all factors that may influence the final price, such as the difficulty level of the text, the delivery deadline, the language pair, the number of available translators who specialize in that particular field, additional requirements regarding graphics and text editing, ‘over-the-night’ and ‘over-the-weekend’ projects, as well as many others


You can check the average prices for translation and localization work, depending on the language and type of work required. All of the rates given below are net prices, expressed in euro, for the translation of one word of text to a normal deadline (at a rate of not more than 5-10 pages per day). Prices for orders of more than 25 pages may be individually negotiated with the client. The smallest unit for the calculation is one standard page. For example, if a customer sends a single page with only 13 lines of text, it will be counted as one standard page. The customer will be delivered one copy of translation; the translation can be supplied in printout, as well as on a floppy disc or a CD/DVD.

 Please remember that the costs shown in this section should be considered purely illustrative

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
0.10 EUR 0.15 EUR 0.20 EUR 0.25 EUR 0.30 EUR
Armenian Albanian Amharic Afrikaans Abkhaz
Belarusian Arabic Bengali Azeri Fijian
Bulgarian Basque Chinese Dari Gagauz
Czech Bosnian Finnish Filipino Sinhala
French Catalan Georgian Hindi Sotho
Polish Croatian Hebrew Indonesian Zulu
Romanian Danish Icelandic Iran 
Russian Dutch Irish Kashmiri 
Serbian Estonian Japanese Khmer 
Slovak Flemish Kazakh Kurdish 
Spanish German Korean Kyrgyz  
Ukrainian Greek Latin Lao  
  Hungarian Luxembourgish Malay  
  Italian Maltese Nepali  
  Latvian Mongolian Ossetian  
  Lithuanian Montenegrin Pashto  
  Macedonian Persian Somali  
  Moldovan Punjabi Tamil  
  Norwegian Tajik Telugu  
  Portuguese Thai Yiddish  
  Slovene Turkmen    
  Swedish Urdu    
  Turkish Uzbek    

If you wish to know the price for interpreting services, please use our Online Price Inquiry System or send your materials for translation by email to: (we accept .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .ppt and other file formats.) info@e-ling.eu.  Once we receive the materials, we estimate the price, and then send you our offer by email in any of the EU official languages.

European Translation Agency