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 Welcome to - European Translation Agency 24/7. We are open all year round. You can order here any kind of translation.

 Info board - contact your regional coordinator has been running a comprehensive business service on the European market specializing in translation and interpreting of the highest quality and in staff training services and, at the same time, offering comprehensive services to foreign businesses throughout Europe. Since our head office is situated in Warsaw, we are in a position to offer a comprehensive business service to every foreign business enterprise. Building our current team took us over a year. Every single person working with us first took a detailed test to assess their skills, their ability to cope with stress, their standard of customer service and their inherent professionalism. These are people with a fluent command of several foreign languages, who are ever ready to seek out the best solutions for their clients. To them, translation is much more than simply finding the right word or phrase in a foreign language. First and foremost, it is a matter of transforming a text so that, while it retains the message and form of the original, it becomes completely comprehensible and utterly convincing to its reader or listener.

In urgent cases please contact us at any time:
e-mail: | skype: | tel: +48+48 22 290 22 30

 BUL  Български БЪЛГАРИЯ  Контакт
Anna Svestova

    Marcin Marczewski +34618602699
    Pedro Rabal  

Slavka Matiskova  

  DAN  Dansk DANMARK Kontakt
Hans de Borg  

  GER  Deutsch DEUTSCHLAND Kontakt
Matthias Zemler  
    Christian Miller  

  GRE  Ελληνικά ΕΛΛΆΣ  

  ENG  English UNITED KINGDOM Contact
Helen Smith  
    Richard Powell  
    Patrick Crawford  

  ESP  Español ESPAÑA Contacto
Ruben Ruiz Garcia  +34619854798 skype: cavallinobdn

  EST  Eesti EESTI Kontakt

  FIN    Suomi SUOMI / FINLAND Yhteystiedot
Jesse Hesing  

  FRA  Français FRANCE Contact

  LIT    Lietuvių LIETUVA Kontaktai
Matylda Kustra  

  LTV  Latviešu LATVIJA Kontakts
Matylda Kustra

  ITA    Italiano ITALIA Contatto

  HUN  Magyar MAGYARORSZÁG Kapcsolat
Gabor Janos

  NID   Nederlands NEDERLAND Contact
Gerard van Halen

  NOR  Norsk NORGE
Henrik Vessel

  POL  Polski POLSKA Kontakt
Marcin Marczewski +48+48 22 290 22 30
Anna Mudel +48509504111
Anna Bojanowska +48693333333
Lidia Wresiło +48+48 22 290 22 30
Ewa Marczewska +48691777777
Adrian Terlikowski +48695500000
Katarzyna Szymanek +48+48 22 290 22 30
Tomasz Kunkel
Robert Waligóra
Beata Kazanowska
Aneta Rosa

  POR  Português PORTUGAL Contacto
Fernando Variações

  ROM  Română ROMANIA Contactul
Octav Dimitrescu

  RUS  Русский РОССИЯ Контакт
Tatjana Tribova

  SLO   Slovenčina SLOVENSKO Kontakt
Lenka Hricova

  SLV   Slovenščina SLOVENIJA
Janes Mušič

  SWE  Svenska SVERIGE Kontakt
Olaus Bergman

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