Additional Lingual Services offered by European Translation Agency

In addition to specialized translation and interpreting services we offer our considerable assistance and competent help in the following areas:


No. Description
1 Proofreading
2 Text editing and re-editing
3 Translation verification and evaluation
4 Revising specialist terminology used in a translation
5 Multiprint of translations and materials for publishing
6 Full DTP services
7 Interpretation equipment renting (Poland)
8 Editing materials for publication
9 Software localization
10 Subtitling
11 Dubbing and lips-synchronization
12 Sound recording services
13 Voice bank
14 Translating materials
15 Consulting and cultural support
16 Researching foreign markets
17 Translating AV materials
18 Analysis of foreign language business materials
19 Searching foreign web services for information
20 Linguistic assistance (interpretations)

European Translation Agency

Editing and proofreading are different steps of a translation process. Basically, we charge for editing and proofreading 50% of the standard rate for translation. However, the final price is determined on the factors such as country, language pair, text complexity, volume and deadline. Contact us now to get a quick quote both for proofreading and voice services.

We warmly invite you to cooperate with us. We do hope you will become another satisfied customer. Contact us now here. We will contact you as soon as possible.