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Average rates for translating and interpreting from and to Amharic language

Type Type of translation Rate per word
Type 1 Written translation 0.12 EUR
Type 2 Urgent translation 0.13 EUR
Type 3 Express translation 0.15.EUR
Type 4 Night Service 0.15 EUR
Type 5 Proofreading 0.07 EUR
Type 6 Technical translation 0.12 EUR
Type 7 Confirmed translation 0.12 EUR
All the above mentioned prices are only approximate. Send your enquiry to us now in order to receive final binding offer.

We offer firm delivery deadlines

Type Type of translation Deadline
Type 1 Written translation up to 72 hours
Type 2 Urgent translation up to 48 hours
Type 3 Express translation as soon as possible
Type 4 Night Service ------------------
Type 5 Proofreading up to 48 hours

Download Translation Templates

Below, you can find several translation templates used at our work. All of them are published here only for educational and demonstration purposes to show what we translate. Do not use or reproduce them. WE HAVE INTENTIONALLY INTRODUCED SEVERAL SERIOUS MISTAKES INTO THEM.

AM - Amharic

Amharskie Prawo Jazdy
 ስለ ነፃ የሕጋዊ እርዳታ መብት መረጃ
 ስለ ነፃ የሕጋዊ እርዳታ መብት መረጃ
Social Security Agency
Ethiopian Driving Licence
Ethiopian Identification Card

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አማርኛ ፡ የኢትዮጵያ ፡ መደበኛ ፡ ቋንቋ ፡ ነው። ከሴማዊ ፡ ቋንቋዎች ፡ እንደ ፡ ዕብራይስጥ ፡ ወይም ፡ ዓረብኛ ፡ አንዱ ፡ ነው። በአፍሪካ ፡ ውስጥ ፡ ደግሞ ፡ ከምዕራብ ፡ አፍሪካው ፡ ሐውሳና ፡ ከምሥራቅ ፡ አፍሪካው ፡ ስዋሂሊ ፡ ቀጥሎ ፡ 3ኛውን ፡ ቦታ ፡ የያዘ ፡ ነው። እንዲያውም ፡ 85.6 ፡ ሚሊዮን ፡ ያህል ፡ ተናጋሪዎች ፡ እያሉት ፣ አማርኛ ፡ ከአረብኛ ፡ ቀጥሎ ፡ ትልቁ ፡ ሴማዊ ፡ ቋንቋ ፡ ነው። የሚጻፈውም ፡ በአማርኛ ፡ ፊደል ፡ ነው። አማርኛ ፡ ከዓረብኛና ፡ ከዕብራይስጥ ፡ ያለው ፡ መሰረታዊ ፡ ልዩነት ፡ እንደ ፡ ላቲን ፡ ከግራ ፡ ወደ ፡ ቀኝ ፡ መጻፉ ፡ ነው። የሐማራ * ግዛት ፡ ተብሎ ፡ የሚታወቀው ፡ ቦታ ፡ በአሁኑ ፡ መካከለኛና ፡ ደቡብ ፡ ወሎ ፡ ይገኝ ፡ እንደነበር ፡ በታሪክ ፡ ይጠቀሳል። ከክርስቶስ ፡ ልደት ፡ በፊት ፡ ከ200 - 130 ዓ.ዓ. ፡ የነበረው ፡ አጋታርከስ ፡ ስለ ፡ ቀይ ፡ ባህር ፡ እና ፡ አካባቢው ፡ ሲጽፍ ፣ ትሮጎዶላይት ፡ ያላቸው ፡ ህዝቦች .

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