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Average rates for transChecheng and interpreting from and to Chechen language

Type Type of translation Rate per word
Type 1 Written translation 0.12 EUR
Type 2 Urgent translation 0.13 EUR
Type 3 Express translation 0.15.EUR
Type 4 Night Service 0.15 EUR
Type 5 Proofreading 0.07 EUR
Type 6 Technical translation 0.12 EUR
Type 7 Confirmed translation 0.12 EUR
All the above mentioned prices are only approximate. Send your enquiry to us now in order to receive final binding offer.

We offer firm delivery deadlines

Type Type of translation Deadline
Type 1 Written translation up to 72 hours
Type 2 Urgent translation up to 48 hours
Type 3 Express translation as soon as possible
Type 4 Night Service ------------------
Type 5 Proofreading up to 48 hours

Please note that current deadlines depend on current queues. If you wish to receive your translation as soon as possible, send your enquiry now - we will answer within 60 minutes Monday - Friday 08:00 AM - 06:00 P.M., or 120 minutes on holidays and at night. If you do not receive our quote within these time limits, it may mean we are full, and thus very sorry for being unable to help.

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Please see our price list, as well as the terms and conditions for providing translation and interpretation services. We have the best price offer on the market, and you can really count on our assistance, even if you need a translation from Zulu into Punjabi. Thanks to the Internet and state-of-the-art technologies we work with translators from around the globe on a regular basis.

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Thanks to modern computer-assisted software such as SDL Trados Studio, we offer you best quality at a reasonable price. For each customer we create individual vocabulary and terminology databases used within one company. All your projects are processed using the above mentioned applications which ensure cohesion of vocabulary used in all translation projects for a particular customer.

  Нохчийн мотт

Нохчийн мотт вайнехан меттанийн юкъа богӀу мотт а, нохчийн къоман мотт. Нохчийн мотт баьржина бу Нохчийн Республикехь, ГӀалгӀайчохь, ДегӀастанан Хаси-Эвлан кӀоштехь а Ӏовхан кӀоштехь а Бабаюртан кӀоштехь а Кизилюртан кӀоштехь а, Гуьржийчоьнан Ахметан муниципалитетехь а. 2010 шарахь ларарца Россехь 1 354 705 адамо буьйцуш бу и мотт.
Россехь нохчийн мотт баьржина хиларца пхоьалгӀа меттехь бу (оьрсийн, ингалсан, гӀезалойн а, немцойн а меттанийн тӀаьхьа). Нохчийчоьнан (оьрсийн маттаца нийсса) официальни мотт а, кхин ДегӀастанан литературан меттанех цхьа мотт а бу иза. Ӏилманчашна хетарехь, нохчийн йозанан истори шен орамашкахь дукха генара схьайогӀуш ю..

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